Residual Species


A1 presentation to the competition "Performance Architecture", with Mikel Amiano Valera and Ferrán Pedrón Santacruz (Resonante).

The Residuegraphia Portugueza:
Guimarao is a suspiciously clean city. Is it the real city so clean as it picture show? We want to investigate that, take specimens of the residual production from this city, and make the Museum of Residue Species of Guimarao with them.
A species is often defined as a group of organisms capable of interbreeding and producing fertile offspring.
Residue-SPECIES are ORGANISMs made from scrap, COMPOSED BY SEVERAL residue-ORGANS, EACH ONE WITH ITS PARTICULAR FUNCTION IN their CONTEXT, even when they could perform a very different task in other sorts of organisms.

Declaration of The Scientists Residue Lovers:
Taking scientific mechanisms of research-cataloging-divulgation as our preferential metaphor, is not just by chance. There are many coincidences between the unavoidable/invererate darkness envolving sciencetists investigations, and the voluntary ignorance that we spread over every thing that reminds us how we waste.
But, there is a significant difference: we like science. We want our children to be scientists. Garbage is... for anothers.
Miraculously, there are many institutions that relieves us for thinking about what must be done with every can, plastic cup or cardboard box we put in our coloured containers.
But we, the Scientist Loving Foolish of Residues, offer to think and interact with residues through a participative invistigation.

Schedule of the research project:
2012. may:
Previous study of the higyenic and residual state of the city and territory.
2012. june:
--First week: Residue Marathon
--Second week: Residue Catalogation
--Third week: Residue Transformation
--Fourth week: Residue Auction
No hemos sido seleccionados, pero el hecho de realizar el concurso ha servido para dar forma-sintetizar una línea de acción e investigación que, en diferentes medidas, los tres autores del proyecto llevamos realizando, rondando, un tiempo.
Lo mejor de todo es que podemos continuarlo y llevarlo a la realidad en otros contextos, y e ello estamos.

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